5 Top WordPress eCommerce Plugins and How to Use Them

As powerful a blogging platform as WordPress has become, it is also being used for creating eCommerce sites. Thanks to the use of plugins it is possible for anyone to create a solid digital shop that can provide any number of products. The good news is that there is a growing number of plugins available that will make your shop easy for consumers to use.

Here are the top five WordPress eCommerce plugins and how they are used on your website. This list will be most helpful for those who have limited experience in using WordPress for eCommerce purposes and all of them are free.


Easy Digital Downloads

As the name implies, this is a series of feature-rich, easy to setup eCommerce solutions for selling digital downloads using your WordPress site at no cost. What makes this plugin special is that it is free of useless features like some of its competitors and offers a simple, streamlined process for you use utilize. This plugin allows you to see and chart all your sales by using graphs and tables to make it easy to assimilate thanks to the over 200 themes and extensions which are included.


If you are looking to change an existing WordPress site into an eCommerce one, then this is your plugin. You can integrate the Ecwid with your site in just a few minutes and even mirror the system in other sites if you plan on selling elsewhere. This plugin allows you to manage all the sites in one place, so you don’t have to switch between different dashboards which saves time and effort. Plus, you can sync between multiple devices which lets you sell on your smartphone. This is a highly valuable tool for eCommerce sites.

iThemes Exchange

Intuitive and very easy to use, this plugin makes the product creation process as simple as possible. This plugin is unlike its competitors which creates their own database tables for customers. With iThemes, you can use the built-in WordPress user system that adds customer info to its own page. So, you can view downloads, purchases, edit transactions, and even add notes about customer information.


One of the best designed plugins for eCommerce, the overall goal of this program is to deliver the best shopping cart experience for the consumer that is possible. In this plugin, you can setup the shopping cart that sells your products with minimal effort. You can choose between different themes without having to use any code and it is fully compatible with Multisite and BuddyPress which means that you can set up a network of online stores and create profits from each sale.


Created by Woo Themes, this is arguably the most widely used free eCommerce plugin available for WordPress. It offers a considerable number of features that will help you monetize your site thanks to its numerous collections of free as well as paid extensions and themes which will help you customize your website. The plugin includes the following; Sales & Reviews PayPal Standard Integration Multiple Shopping Options Reports Flexible Couponing System Inventory Managemental you need to do is activate the plugin and you have a wealth of features from which to use. Plus, it is very customizable to your business.

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