Apple Launched Three New Apps For iPhone

Now a day mobile application has become part and parcel of the lives of numerous people especially the youth and teenagers. In the field of apps, Google Android and Apple iPhone are the two giant competitors. Google Android recently got a little edge as per the apps is concerned. However, this week, iPhone is going to gift its user three new apps and those will surely make the users happy.


The life is extremely busy and hectic now for most of the people. In such a situation, if a mobile app can make your life easier, it will undoubtedly be a very good option for sure. On that note, Apple iPhone is going to provide its customers three wonderful apps which are related to the day to day life of them.

The first one of them is Mixlr. It will be a free app for the iPhone apps. One can want to own a radio show for him or herself. However, for that, there is no necessity now to spend million dollars for that. With the help of this iPhone apps, one can broadcast the radio program of his own and can tune them to the programs which other people have produced. If a customer has made a tune of the guitar, or if he has talked something special and want to broadcast it on the radio this new app can help him to do it.

If there is a buddy for you, running can be a very good option for sure. Now, the new apps of Apple iPhone are providing the running pals which are new in the city. With the help of this app, jogging can be scheduled. Pace tracking and basic GPS can also be done by this app. Well, this app called Yog can thus be wonderfully good for your health as this competition will be extremely good for the users.

The video is such a part of modern entertainment that various apps are being created for this. Apple iPhone has also given value very much on this. YouTube capture is such a wonderful app that every Apple iPhone user will like to have. This new application will help the user to capture a moment and then load in YouTube and then with the help of social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter they can easily share them with their friends, or family members. However, it will not start capturing the video if it doesn’t hold horizontally. Therefore, there will be no vertical video of iPhone, which the users were annoyed with before.

With all these new wonderful apps, the iPhone is trying to make customers satisfied. The completion of Google Android is getting stiffer day by day. Therefore, Apple has felt the necessity of creating these new apps. These new apps will be available for most of the new Apple iPhone handsets. However, all these apps will surely help Apple iPhone to become more popular and that will surely be better for them to be in the competition.

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