Apple Suspends Password Reset Through Phone Call

The world’s most renowned company, Apple, has suspended the provision of resetting of the password of Apple’s account over the phone call. This has come into effect after the report that a former Gizmodo writer’s iCloud account was hacked and was used to wipe out his iPad, iPhone, and MacBook. Reports suggest that the hackers had used the last four digits of Mat Honan’s credit card from Amazon. This lapse on the part of Amazon led to the disaster.

The incident has alarmed the people throughout the world since not only the online data of Honan had been destroyed, but also the local information from his iPhone and MacBook had completely wiped out by the hackers. According to reports, Amazon incidentally flashed the last four digits of the credit card of Honan on its account. The hackers accessed the numbers and created a fake account on Amazon.


After calling the customer care of Amazon and requesting a new password, the hackers dodged a few security questions from the customer care executive and referred to the last 4 digits of the credit card of Mat Honan. By this process, they made the executive believe that it was Honan himself. They then got access to the password of Honan’s iCloud account and used the same to hack into other accounts through the chain and wipe out important information. This case of forgery and identity theft is a serious concern for the authorities as well as of the customers themselves.

It is immediately after reports of this incident spreading like wildfire, that Apple has suspended all the activities of changing the password over teleservices. Instead, it has informed the existing customers to do the same by using the online iForgot system.

According to reports, this disaster was possible only because Amazon used to publish the last four digits of the credit card numbers of its clients, which was used by the hackers. On the other hand, Apple has a policy of confirming the identity of its customers by using the same last four digits of the credit card. This had resulted in such a blunder, which could have been easily avoided, provided Amazon did not have flashed the numbers (that is very vital, as it resembles a part of the credit card of the customer) as well as Apple’s representative, who should not have relied only on those four digits of the card to confirm the identity. However, the management of Apple has defended the customer care executive citing that the executive had adhered to the existing policy of the company.

If latest reports are to be believed, it is still not clear whether Apple will bring about any changes in the policy regarding the verification of the customers’ identity by the executives. The management is considering implementing a high-level two-tier security measure as a change in the policy to verify a customer’s identity. That would help, according to the management of Apple, to prevent this kind of untoward situation in the future.

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