Five Things Free Web Hosting Service Providers Will Not Tell You Upfront

Webhosting is one of the commercial services that let you get what you pay for. There are many companies out there that offer web hosting services either for a fee or just free of charge with a catch somewhere of course. In the recent past, these companies have realized that most website owners lack the expertise and technical know-how to enable them to build their own sites. As such they have customized their services to offer all-under-one-roof kind of arrangement. They sell domains, offer website building services for free with the option to upgrade and offer web hosting services. Through them, you can literally run your site without paying a penny unless of course, you want premium services.


In the world today, nothing comes for free and whenever you are offered a free service, you need to be cautious because there could be a catch hidden somewhere. So, having this in mind, you need to ask yourself why companies offer free web hosting, is it a chance at a charity or there is a price that you are paying unknowingly for it. Below are some of the things that most free web hosting service providers will not tell you about their service. It is good you know it because it is not a secret but just a catch:

The Advertisements

This is where free web hosting providers get their money from. Their advertisements can best be invasive. You may have realized the many numbers of unsolicited pop-ups, banners ads and all sorts of advertisements that populate your site. Now, these ads may be okay for you, but your visitors may be bothered by them and there is a chance that they may leave your site even before they have spent a minute or two. This will affect your sites ranking on search engines as the number of bounce rates is bound to increase with time.

Incapable Of Hosting Your Own Domain Name

Free web hosting plans cannot allow you to host your own domain name. They will either charge you or migrate you to another plan altogether where you will pay for hosting services. All this means that you will have to compromise your URL and have your site read instead of something like www. XYZ. My’ If you are a serious business person or you need to attract meaningful traffic, you need to have a URL that is easy to remember and one that shows you are in control of your site. Finding a domain name can be such a competitive task meaning that you will have to be creative in looking for an appropriate domain name.

Webhosting Control

Paid hosting gives the webmaster such degree of control that you can literally change anything on the site. Free hosting does not guarantee you such levels of control. You may just be given limited authority to change a few things which at the end may not be meaningful. If you are determined and serious about winning clients over to your side, you will have to go for paid hosting. There are fundamental things such as themes and general site appearance attributes that you need to change if your online presence is to be cast in positive light. The creation of email accounts, monitoring of website and other functionalities may not be available at the free hosting level. These can cripple your internet marketing and PR efforts.

No Uptime Guarantee

This is one clause that always goes unwritten and which affects your site’s performance big time. Remember that having your site up and running all the time is very instrumental and can go a long way in ensuring that your online traffic is boosted. Free hosting cannot guarantee you constant uptimes and in fact most of the time you are likely to experience downtimes which is detrimental to your site.

Storage and Bandwidth

As your company grows, you may need to have large storage spaces for your files. Free web hosting offers limited space, and this can affect the smooth running of your site. What normally happens is that a site which has inadequate storage space may suffer from slow and prolonged load times which web users and online traffic may find it a turnoff. In the short run this may seem cheap but as your site grows and expands, you may need to have some extra space to accommodate your increasing stream of visitors.

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