Going Mobile with Android and iOS WPF Charts

A powerful presentation is needed to convince and wow your audience. One of the most useful presentation platforms today is WPF charts. It is a more innovative platform to present your data without interrupting the whole presentation.

With the continuous technology innovation, there is good news for you. WPF charts are now going mobile with iOS and Android. With it, you can expect to have an easier and smooth presentation that will convince your potential viewers or clients.

Android and iOS WPF charts are specifically designed for real-time, big-data, medical, scientific and financial apps with amazing speed and flexibility. If you want to attain the best of your presentation, android and iOS WPF charts are the best for you.

iOS WPF charts

As they go mobile thanks to SciChart, the iOS WPF charts can provide you with an instant start-up time. You can make impossible projects possible because of the top performance that it can offer you. iOS WPF charts can offer you a wide selection of charts. Some of these charts include line, column, scatter, bubble, stacked bar, point-line, impulse (stem), fan, mountain (area) and other forms of charts.

With the platform, you can pick a more customized chart that can match to your particular needs. It also comes with tooltip and rich cursors that are made with powerful Chart Modifier API. You can also style the tooltip to match your application.

Android WPF charts

Android WPF charts are built with rich touch interaction. This feature allows the user to drag and pan the chart, tap to view tooltips, drag an axis to scale the chart, double-tap to reset zoom and pinch to zoom in/out.

With the Chart Modifier API, you can make custom actions like panning, custom zooming, override gestures or feedback behaviours. It also comes with per-point colouring with the use of Palette Provider API. You can hook the Palette Provider to return data-point colour or style depending on the data values.

Per-Point colouring can be used to colour the line segments, candlesticks, columns, bars, and scatter-points. It can help to emphasize a specific date on your presentation. The android WPF charts also have themes and styling options that can make your presentation more customized.

If your desire is to make your presentation successful, you can choose SciChart. They are a professional software company that can help you with your Android WPF charts and iOS WPF Charts needs.

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