Samsung is Planning to Sell 10 Million Handsets Every Month for Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung is already famous for its last production Galaxy 3. It has been sold in large numbers and Samsung became extremely popular with the mobile users. Now, Samsung wants to improve their success story with their new product which is Galaxy S4. They want to sell it more than Galaxy S3. They want to sell 10 million devices every month from the very release date. If they become successful to do so, it will no doubt be a great success and they will be able to cross the success with their previous device. Samsung Galaxy S3 reached the figure of 10 million handsets sold in 50 days only.


Therefore, if Samsung can succeed in its target, it will be a greater success story for them. Well, it is quite clear that Samsung is expecting their success again with their new device. They are already buying a log of parts of the new device from the market as per the reports. It is true that pre-release expectation for this new handset of Samsung is extremely high in the market.

Some of the features which have already come out about the new handset in the market have been liked by a lot of people. The display of 4.99 inches, full HD 1080p Samsung Galaxy will surely catch the eyes of mobile users. Galaxy S4 will have in it AMOLED display. However, as per the dimension is a concern it will be almost similar to its predecessor. However, Samsung has worked really hard to improve the overall display of this handset to get the edge over Apple iPhone 5.

The clock speed of this new handset is 1.8 GHz and it will have a 2GB RAM. This device will come with Exynos 5 Octa Processor. Therefore, it will be little better than Galaxy S3 which is surely expected from Samsung. Well, it will make you happy with some of the other features it contains. It will have 13 MP rear side main cameras which will be able to capture 1080p videos. It will also have a front camera of 2 MP for fulfilling the purpose of video calling.

For 2013, it will no doubt be one of the best handsets available in the mobile market. The chance is obviously there that Samsung will be successful to reach their target. However, it is going to have a very close fight with Apple iPhone 5 which will also be released in the first half of this year. Still, the expectation of Samsung is justified considering the grand success, they have already achieved with Samsung Galaxy S3.

Various information which is already been leaked by various websites about the new handset from Samsung has already created a huge hype for it. The extra features like special display, new Android Jelly Beans are going to make this new handset a hot cake in the mobile market. The target of reaching 10 million sales may be possible for Samsung which itself will again be a record breaking the previous record set by them.

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