Top 5 Ways to Fix iPhone X Ringing Problem [Complete Guide]

If you are a new user of iPhone x and you are stuck or facing ring problem, read this complete guide it will help you to sort out your ring problem. There are some possible reasons that why your iPhone x did not ring when one of your friends call you. It is possible that your iPhone speakers are damaged or maybe do not disturb features is enabled. You have a chance to get sort of this problem. Here I highlight some major issues which are possible to create a problem in iPhone X ring.






How to Fix iPhone Does Not Ring: 5 Ways

Turn Off Do Not Disturb!

If you see a blue moon icon on the right side of your iPhone close by battery icon. Then It means your iPhone is on Do Not Disturb mode. On this mode you did not hear the ring your iPhone going to do not disturb mode and your all incoming calls goes on silent mode. If you see this option is enabled, then you try to disable it if you don’t know how to disable this option. I will show you how to disable do not disturb mode in iPhone X.

  1. Go to settings and scroll down it there you find Do not Disturb icon
  2. Select it there you find Manual button is enabled tap on it and turn off this option

Flip the Ring/Silent Switch

Sometimes we are busy in meetings or events where is the focus on it and we want totally silent. So, we switch our phone on silent or without knowing phone goes on silent mode. It is possible that your iPhone X ringer is off, and you did not hear any callers tune. To know that your iPhone X is on silent mode look at Ring/Silent Switch on the left side of your iPhone. If you want to switch off silent mode, Follow these steps.

  1. On the right side of your iPhone you can see one button if it switches down it means iPhone on silent mode.
  2. Pull up the switch up the button and get back to phone on ring mode.

No Volume. No Calls

What happens when you did not hear the ringtone of any callers if your iPhone volume level is down. This situation created when you able to other sound or any notification alarm. Also, the volume set independently in volume option there is three type of volume.

  1. Notification
  2. Ringing
  3. Alarm

To set the volume of each option you must go to iPhone X settings there you found Sound & Haptics tap on it and set each volume level.

Restart Your iPhone And Test

If you check all the things which are discussed above, then restart your iPhone by the power button on again. Once your iPhone is on then test the ring. By tap on settings option and there you can find sounds tap on it and tap on ringtone option which is under in sound and vibration option. Pick any ringtone and tap on it listen the sound it means everything is okay otherwise it has some major problems.

Update iPhone X

If you still facing the ringing problem, try to update your iPhone. iPhone software engineers put a lot of effort in the iOS to keep your iPhone up to date and safe from bugs and malware. But they help you when you allow them to do. How they help you? They help you in different types like update your iOS time to time. So why you are waiting if you facing these problems update your iPhone. If you did not know that how to update your iPhone iOS I will tell you.

  1. Go to the settings and scroll down.
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on Software Update

If you see there any update available, click on it and give them permission to download the latest iOS. Then tap on Install now button.

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