Tracking the Success of Visionisto SEO in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Today, we sit down with Frank Mas, CMO at Visionisto SEO, an SEO agency in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For those that haven’t been following the local SEO market in South Florida, it has certainly seen its share of digital marketing agencies popping up over the last 5 years or so. The Team at Visionisto have been pioneers in the Fort Lauderdale and South Florida industry, so we’re happy to be able to chat with Frank today. Before we jump into our interview today, a quick history lesson on Visionisto SEO: Visionisto SEO started back in 2011 with a strong focus on their local small business market and Fort Lauderdale SEO services.

At that time, local businesses were just starting to hear about SEO and how it could potentially impact their local marketing efforts. Frank and his team approached local Fort Lauderdale businesses offering FREE advice on how they could take advantage of SEO in their specific business niche, and Visionisto SEO took off from there. But don’t let the name fool you, Visionisto SEO provides more than SEO services to their Fort Lauderdale community. They’ve quickly become the go-to service provider for Google Ads management, Facebook Ad creation and optimization, as well Content Marketing and Blogging Services.

Deepandroid: Thank you for taking some time with us today, Frank.

Frank: My pleasure!

Deepandroid: Tell us a little bit about what Visionisto SEO is working toward in 2019? Frank: We’ve got a lot on our plate to say the least.

While our focus for small businesses is providing the best value in the SEO industry, we’re definitely seeing a demand for Facebook and Instagram ad management services. As we all know, a good portion of the community spends their time on social media, so what better place to serve ads?

Deepandroid: Of course. I totally see that. What do you and your team at Visionisto SEO see as the next trends in SEO for 2019 and beyond?

Frank: There’s a lot to be aware of now and for the future, but one thing that every SEO or webmaster, and digital marketer should be aware of is RankBrain. RankBrain is a machine learning system that helps Google sort their search results. It sounds more complicated than it really is. In short, RankBrain simply measures how users interact with the search results and based on their results adjusts ranking accordingly. Deepandroid: So how can RankBrain affect a website and their rankings?

Frank: Well, from the start Google has always preached that they want the best user experience possible for each user. The better experience you provide to your website users, the more they’ll click around your website, taking in each post or article. They’ll also note your website as a resource for the best possible information and return often. This is a great signal to Google. If you consider factors like Bounce Rate, Dwell Time, and U/X when building your website or writing your next blog post, you’ll be signalling to RankBrain that your website deserves to be rewarded with improved SERP rankings.

Deepandroid: Very interesting! If you could offer one piece of advice to a small business owner just launching their website what would it be?

Frank: First, I hope that the website was built for user experience first and SEO second. Second, ensure that you’re following Google Webmaster Guidelines to the letter of the law. This will ensure that your website is set up for success. Third, but not least: every small business owner should be set up on Google My Business. It takes minutes to set up and once it’s live your potential for local leads and business just increased dramatically. Of course, our team at Visionisto SEO can help with any type of setup or optimization.

Deepandroid: This is all great advice. We appreciate it and appreciate your time today.

Frank: Of course. It’s been my pleasure.

Note to our readers: You can check out all of the services offered by Visionisto SEO at While their office is located and got its start in Fort Lauderdale, Visionisto SEO services clients across the country!

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